Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Recap

We began the first of our Christmas celebrations at my MILs.

Carsyn and Hank loved playing with Emily, Hunter, and Katie.

And, can you tell how much Hank and Carsyn adore their Aunt Kristi?

On Christmas Eve we stayed at home all day and opened presents Santa brought.  It was snowing when the kids got up and that added to their excitement even more.

I made breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls and it was just a great low key morning before we geared up to visit all of our families.

We visited with my mom and dad and Shane's grandpa that evening.

Carsyn loved seeing Payton and Chloe and Hank loved tagging along behind them.

We spent Christmas Eve night and W's mom and dad's and opened gifts there that morning.

Isn't that Fire House the cutest thing? And I'd have to say, I think Carsyn's grocery store front is her favorite gift ever.

We went back to my mom and dad's that evening and spent some time with my sister, Bryan, and Maddox.

I love this picture so much…you can tell Hank already has gun envy.

I love these people so much. we had a very blessed Christmas and I hope you did too.

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