Friday, January 25, 2013

What's Going On

I'm beginning to think I wish I had more structure to blogging.  I'd like to get back to doing weekend recaps on Mondays, but sometimes I think who want to reads about staying in your pjs all weekend watching football and eating junk food?!  Not that that's us though, we're much more interesting.

Sometimes there are little snippets of life I'd like to share.  No great story.  No laughable memory-just moments.  Moments that are precious to me and special to me.

Sometimes there are senseless things I'd like to write about.  To voice my opinion on the fact I feel sorry for Lance Armstrong.  Or the fact I think Serena Williams is a brat.  Or that I'm still sad about the election results and it was quite a while ago.

Sometimes I'd like to do a whole blog post on stuff.  Senseless, selfish stuff.  Like handbags on my wish list and home decor I'd like to try out.  My favorite beauty products, and Spring dresses on my radar.

But, for today here's a little iPhone recap of our winter so far.  iPhone pictures are such a blessing and curse, don't you think?  I'm happy that its so easy to capture moments with the kids, but hate that many of my best photos are of poor quality.

Rosie and I make quite a few trips to Lexington.  Usually we shop and have dinner and visit with my sister and her family.  We were so glad we made it to Maddox's ball game the other day.  Carsyn was so excited to see him play and Hank was just happy to have something to chew on.

We also had dinner at Rosie's favorite, The Windy Corner Market.  Its a great place to eat if you're local!!

As you can tell from Carsyn's fur it was REALLY cold.  And of course, in true Hank fashion he kept pulling his boots off to chew on them.  I'm sure you've noticed Hank is missing shoes in 90% of his pictures.  I promise, we might be country, but we do believe in shoes!! If anyone has a trick to keeping shoes on babies please let me know!

I finally changed my hair up a little bit and did the ombre look.  I think I really like it.  I do think it looks like I need my roots done though...Thoughts?

(In case your salon carries the perfect match gel polish this shade is called blood orange and I LOVE it! A perfect red).

Hank is just the happiest baby y'all.  I'm SO blessed.  He loves jumping every night, even if we have to prop his feet up on a leftover Christmas box.

I am really enjoying being home with the babes on these cold days.  Carsyn and I have been having hot chocolate dates.  I try not to spazz out when she spills hers and in return I think she pretends to enjoy them to make me happy.

That's all I got friends...Happy Friday!

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  1. Robeez is the trick for baby shoes. Not as fashionable as Uggs, but they can't get them off!