Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Its the Little Things..Or So I Tell Myself

I will preface this by saying I'm typing this on my old trusty refurbished laptop in the playroom floor. I'm in my mom uniform of black yoga pants and my hair is in a ponytail. I actually did yoga today so that makes it ok, right? Hank is passed out in his bouncy chair and Carsyn is glued to the TV in a Mickey Mouse coma.  I'm sipping a McD's latte because I ran out of coffee and would rather face the drive thru than the grocery store aka "flu city" with the littles. Plumbers are working in Carsyn's bathroom and I've spent the morning online lusting after spring clothes and planning some mother/daughter Lilly outfits.   

I'm really working on being present in 2013.  I'm not on social media sites much and only blog when the babes are asleep.  Carsyn has been going to bed at midnight so that doesn't leave a lot of time.  Truth be told I've been curled up on the sofa engrossed in Downton Abbey until 2 in the morning.  Its been pretty blissful.  Back to the point.

Carsyn has become really self sufficient and quite independent.  She definitely has her clingy times but for the most part is completely content to play by herself.  Hank's favorite activity is watching her.  And truth be told I could watch them like that for hours..if only it lasted.  During the days we're at home I feel like I do a lot of house work while the kids play around me. (I  promise if you came to my house you wouldn't believe it.)  I've been trying to do my yoga while Hank takes his morning nap and Carsyn has been getting on the mat and imitating me.  Its pretty hilarious..."mommy, you stretching?" "Look, I'm stretching, I DID IT!" By the time I pick up the toys which are scattered everywhere, do some laundry and get lunch finished its nap time.  Hank has been napping at the same time as Carsyn lately so I've been trying to take a little nap too. Selfish, but necessary. Once they're up we start prepping dinner and await W's arrival home. The evenings are our family time; we all have dinner together and usually watch a movie.  Lately Carsyn has insisted on watching Hank's Baby Einstein movies.  Since W is home I really try to devote a lot of my attention to the kids.  We practice sitting up with Hank and play whatever game Carsyn wants to.

The kids got some books to bed gifts for Christmas and we've been making a really big deal out of getting in our jammies and reading. 

Carsyn loves to pretend she's reading to Hank too.

I'm trying to make it a point to do one fun activity a day. Or at least devote a half an hour or an hour playing Carsyn's favorite game. The other day it rained and Carsyn and I splashed in puddles awhile. 

We've been baking cookies and she actually helps cook dinner lots of nights by stirring the pot.  I feel like we spent the latter part of 2012 on the road and I'm trying to savor the little moments right now.  I hope someday my kids will say "mom was always there for us" and "we had fun no matter where we were."  When I was growing up my best memories were not beach trips or ventures to amusement was the rook tournaments when we were snowed in with my grandma, and impromptu pool parties with my cousins.

What is important to you?  Are you savoring the little moments?


  1. Your littles are seriously SO cute!

  2. Matching Lily Outfits? How cute are you?? Love it!

  3. I love your little ones! C & H are always too cute :) Matching outfits? Where do I find matching mother/daughter outfits at? I love it...