Saturday, January 5, 2013


The day is here.  I might say I dreaded it, but in the words of the boss...its been a long time comin..

The hubby reads the blog. I always had a sneaking suspicion, but it was recently confirmed.  I have been informed that he thinks "hubby" is ridiculous.  I challenged him to come up with an alternate and he couldn't.  I proposed SW (his initials) because a) every body's doing it, and b) it flows.  It was shot down and shortened to just  "W". We live in KY so that would be pronounced "dubbya".

I'm not sure it'll stick.  Shoot, I'm not even sure this little blog of mine will cross his mind anymore.  Now I'm all paranoid....and wondering if I ever insulted him in past posts...or posted unflattering pictures of him.  That's all for now...I've got DVR'd episodes of Buckwild to get to.


Happy Friday!


  1. My wife found out about my blog last year when she sprung me writing a post on my phone. She asked if she could read it. I said, fine - if you can find it.

    With the magic of google, finding it took her about five minutes!

  2. Mine just says better me then him having to one. He dont really complain about it inless it takes time away from us!

  3. You mean to say "Husby" wouldn't fly either? Also, I think it's time a picture of Hank graces your sidebar. If not, I'm going to tell him you love C more and he can come live with me.