Wednesday, January 9, 2013


We took our annual Chicago shopping trip the weekend before Christmas...(not doing that again) and had a great time as always.  We did bring the flu back with us so perhaps next year we'll reschedule for November??

We had a nice little pajama party our first night there.  Clearly the kids weren't a bit excited to see each other.

 Maddox is such a sweetheart- I caught him whispering to Hank they were going to be best buddies when he grew up.

We loaded up the troops and went to Navy Pier the next morning and the kids ran wild.  Hank was ready to go, but just couldn't hang with the big kids once we got there :)

That evening we took Carsyn to pick out a pair of earrings for her Christmas present.  She was so excited and insisted on carrying her her little heart.

We shopped a little more the next morning and then headed to Macys and The Walnut Room for lunch.

Carsyn was so infatuated with the big Christmas tree and I have to say this was my favorite one yet.

Carsyn and Maddox also mailed their letters to Santa.

We also made time for Carsyn to get her first mani.  She did so well and surprised me with her patience.

Maddox and Mel decided to ditch the girls awhile and do a little sight seeing.

We spent our last evening at the American Girl Place.

 Little Hank was such a trooper...He pretty much napped in his crib most of the day.  I know I should be grateful, but I'm so excited for next year when he will enjoy it more.

And...why does seem when one kid is wide awake the other is killed..(Or...Wait?? Please tell me its not just me.)

We finally got Hank awake for a family picture and little miss is out like a light!
Good night Chicago!!


  1. Awe I just love all the photos :) They are all too darn cute & adorable. I am sorry you all brought the sickness back with you however I am glad you all enjoyed your trip.

  2. Love that last picture-so cute. You were brave to head to the city with a little one in tow. We didn't make the trip this year and we live 30 minutes away...sad. Your children are darling!

  3. Wow! All the images are looking so sweet thanks for the sharing.

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  4. Oh my goodness I have a Carsyn Paige! I have no idea how I found your blog but if you are ever looking to sell any "Carsyn clothes" let me know! Your family is so adorable! Love your blog!

  5. I meant to leave my email