Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The one about leaving my card at home

Its a rainy, nasty day here.  Its not terribly cold, just one of those days you wanna stay in your pjs and sip on hot tea.  However, your fridge looks like it did back in your college days and that just doesn't work with 2 kids.  And, frankly, a hard working husband who for once might like a home-cooked meal when he gets home.

So, with a vision of chicken enchiladas for dinner I set off to the grocery store.  Rosie is in town and has graciously offered to watch the kids so I can make a quick kid free trip.  You often hear me say I'm in my mom uniform of black yoga pants and of course that's what I'm wearing today.  (In my defense I actually try to do yoga on days I'm home with the kids.) My semi curly hair is not straightened, but I am wearing mascara and lip gloss on the likely event I'll run into someone I know.  I grab a hoodie on my way out the door and put on my rainy day ballet flats.

I'll take this moment to say I'm one of those people who do an OOTD (outfit of the day) or OOTN (outfit of the night) post on IG or twitter fairly often.  W pokes fun of me and I know there are people out there who just ask why.  I'd like to take a moment to address that.

I'm a mom of two.  Two little humans who suck out all of my energy.  To actually get "dressed up," put on makeup AND do my hair requires skill.  We're talking it'd be easier to split the atom, people.  You ever play ride little horsey while applying mascara?  Or how about rock a baby while curling your hair?  If and WHEN I'm put together I'll likely post a picture labeled OOTD.  Not to show off what I'm wearing or how I look, but to say I DID IT.  Take that motherhood!! You're not kicking my tail today-I win!  Ok, that's a little dramatic. Its partly that and partly a hey, how does this look?

Back to the subject.  Today is not that day friends.  Today is the day motherhood kicked me in the butt. When I pushed my happy little cart-full of fresh vegetables and organic milk- to the checkout the attendant promptly asked for my WIC card.  Whoopsie....left it at home honey.

I'm off to finish my bag of Reese peanut butter hearts and peruse Lulu for some yoga pants that might make me look less in need of government assistance...


  1. Oh I just died. God bless you!!

  2. You need a glass of wine!! When I started using a diaper bag again I kept leaving my wallet in my purse since I was not in the habit of packing a diaper bag. It gets easier, right?:)

  3. This is hilarious! I too share the daily wardrobe of black yoga's :)