Monday, January 21, 2013

Hank is 6 months old

Baby boy, I cannot believe 1/2 of your first year is gone.  Everyday you become less and less of a baby.  Sad.

You are almost sitting up unattended!

You still have no teeth, but slobber, slobber, slobber all over everything.  You love to chew on your blanket, and Sophie, and basically anything you get your hands on.

You are still momma's big boy.  You are currently wearing 9 month clothing.

You laugh, laugh, laugh all day long and are seriously the happiest little fella.

Your favorite activity right now is sitting in your excersaucer.

You got your first taste of real food on January 1.  You were not so excited over pears, but mangoes, oh, they're your love language.  You kick your little feet and open your mouth for more.

Currently you wake around 10 and go down for the night around 10.  Ever since getting over your little sick spell after Christmas you have become my champion sleeper.  You take a 30-45 minute catnap around 12 every day and a 2 hour nap around 2:30.

You love to jabber and made your first ma-ma and da-da sounds this week.  When you get really frustrated you make bu-bu-bu sounds and blow bubbles.

You are such a joy, Hansford Mitchell and everyone who comes around you is instantly smitten!


  1. I really like the outfit he is wearing in the cute. What a great name btw!

  2. Love the picture & love little Hank!