Monday, June 4, 2012

Yay for weekends!

Aren't weekends too short?! Baby girl spent Friday night with her granny and papaw and I planned to get some things done around the house. First thing on the list was tackling Carsyn's room. Honestly she pulls out about 50 books every night and little sticky fingers had touched every surface. It took awhile, but it was nice and tidy by Saturday morning. Given that she will only reside there for a few more weeks until moving into a bigger bedroom I took a few pictures..(more to come later).

I spent Saturday morning indulging in a little me time and got a mani and did some shopping for the kids. Baby boy needed some clothes and I couldn't pass up a few things for Carsyn.

My MIL made strawberry shortcake and Carsyn and I ate half of the cake...not even kidding..kid has got a sweet tooth. So does her brother evidently ;)

Carsyn is completely spoiled at church. She has been the only kid in the nursery for the last 2 weeks which means she gets to do what she wants I think. This Sunday she visited her friend Kyria. Isn't she the cutest little redheaded beauty you've ever seen? Love her.

Sunday night was the last session of our Beth Moore James study and I was a little sad. I promised to give y'all my honest opinion and here it is- Thanks to spending Sunday evenings with some great ladies I gained a little perspective into their lives. We talked about our struggles as women, as moms, as sisters, as wives and I'm a firm believer that talking about things always makes it better. I also read a lot of scripture (for me). I am now more familiar with my Bible and things began to click in church when our pastor would quote something that I had read that very week. At the end of the study we were to jot notes on just one thing we learned from each chapter in James. Here's mine:

1. Endure! You must have troubles to be blessed
2. Love others as you love yourself!
3. Watch your tongue- be careful of what you say
4. Don't take tomorrow for granted
5. Be patient-there is a plan for me

They are such simple rules to live by, but so hard to practice in everyday life. I tore the page out of my book as a reminder of the last 8 weeks. If you can do the study, do it!

How was you weekend?


  1. Oh C's room is GORGEOUS! Seriously like out of a magazine!!! Love it!

  2. OH my goodness! I can't even tell you dreamy her bedroom is! Can't wait to see more pics! Love that crib!

  3. I love C's room... It is so cute & adorable :)