Sunday, June 24, 2012

Carsyn is 21 months old

Carsyn, you are 21 months old...1 month away from being a big sister and 3 months away from being 2.  I don't like it one bit.  You are growing too fast!!

You love to color, you love stickers, you love to splash in the pool, but your favorite thing to do is simply walk.  You'll grab some one's hand and say "let's go!"  Usually its Rosie, Judy, Mel, Granny, or Auntie.  You like to walk and see the horses at Rosie and Pops.  You love making sounds and can mimic horses (nay), cows (moo), cats (meow), dogs (arf arf), frogs (ribbit), birds (tweet tweet), ducks (quack quack), and chickens (bock bock).  We are working on colors and right now everything is red, yellow, blue, pink, purple.  You can count to 10 omitting 7 and 8-does that count? ;)  You know all the characters on Mickey Mouse.  You even know Jesse, Charlie, Austin, Ally, and China from the Disney channel.  Guess you like your comedies.

You are still quite the talker and love to ask questions and answer them...."where's mommy at? I don't know. Where's daddy at?  work."  Usually our questions are answered with a no.  Anything you want to do is "ok".

You take a nice 1 1/2 to 2 hour nap around 1 or 2 every day.  Sometimes you sleep longer if we've been playing hard!  You go to bed around 8:30 or 9:00 and get up around 8:30.  You are such a good little sleeper...except on the go.  You will not sleep in the car seat AT ALL.  Your stroller naps are usually reduced to around 45 minutes. 

Your appetite has been increasing lately, thank goodness.  Your favorite things are yogurt, chicken nuggets, ice cream, and cookies.  And anything chocolate.  Your sweet tooth is never ending.  You are beginning to branch out and enjoy most fruits now also.  You've been eating grapes, watermelon, and blueberries! Yum!

You're fashion obsessed like mommy.  Daddy says this is not good.  I think its quite hilarious.  Some days you cry "I want dress on" and refuse to wear pants.  And do not take you shoe shopping unless you're prepared to buy!  Every time we try on shoes you insist on wearing them out of the store.  Then for the next few days you will say "I want new shoes" refusing to wear any old ones.  It doesn't stop there love women's shoes to and try to wear mommy's around the house.  While mommy was perusing at the Peppermint Palm the other day you had such a fun time.  Were you interested in the toy table in the back? Nope.  Girl went straight for the shoes.

Thank goodness they're used to you by now! 

Carsyn, you're unique to the core and mommy and daddy would not change a single thing about you.  You are perfect in our eyes and always will be.  You are so very loved and everyone agrees how blessed we are to have you.  So, stay little forever, ok?


  1. Awe too cute! Is she excited a new baby? & awe terrible 2's hopefully it wont be too bad to you both! She is such a doll & she continues to keep getting cuter & cuter! I just love her...

  2. Love all the pictures! She is simply beautiful!!!