Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some Quick Things

Its hot here...dang hot! Heat never bothers me, but at this point I'm ready to wear a bikini all day long.  Me, near 9 months pregnant, bikini, pretty picture, huh?
 My family hosted a sprinkle for baby boy Sunday and I almost died.  I'm pretty much rocking any strapless dress that fits now days. And the side pony or braid. 

My appetite is slowly decreasing as all I want to eat is ice cream and salad.  But, Carsyn hooked daddy up with some grilling tools for father's day including this little gem.

The result is perfectly crispy grilled quesadillas-yummy!

I highly recommend you head to your nearest Williams Sonoma and purchase.

We are slowly working on rearranging Carsyn's new room and getting her old room ready for baby boy.  I got the closet organized this weekend and feel so much better.  She's all settled in, but we have a lot to do in the baby's room.

I tweeted a picture of Carsyn eating ice cream last week and everyone loved that little romper.  Its Tea and we picked it up at Nordstrom.  They have really cute play clothes in my opinion!

Also, those crab outfits y'all asked about were Le' Za Me.  I don't know if they're available this year because mom picked them out for the kiddos last year and they were too big for them to wear.  Note to self-that brand runs large!  Carsyn is wearing a 12 month and Maddox is wearing a 3T-bizarre!

I suppose that's enough random for your Tuesday :)


  1. You look great!

    And so do those quesidillas! I"m STARVING!

  2. I can't believe baby boy is almost here!

  3. OH honey you don't even look pregnant! And I'm not just saying that! You look amazing! Cannot believe it's almost time to meet that baby boy!

  4. I see a problem with C's closet...she clearly doesn't have enough tutus. Fix that!

    Also? I'm jealous you can wear a STRAPLESS dress!!! Geez. I mean, I have cantaloupes on my chest. You look great, friend!

  5. You look gorgeous as always... seems like your pregnancy has flown by! Just wanted to let you know teacollection.com has an additional 25% off their sale items right now on their website in case you didn't already know :)

  6. I lovvvve that dress - where did you find it?

  7. You are a hot 9 month pregnant woman - truly!