Thursday, June 21, 2012

Family Fun

Maddox came to visit this past weekend and the kiddos had so much fun together! They definitely keep us on our toes...I'm glad my sister has lots of energy.  They swam their little hearts out!

But, can someone tell me why they are SO HAPPY naked or running around in their undies....

but, the minute you put them in matching cute outfits they get, well.....crabby?

Unless, of course you let Maddox play baseball.  I swear the kid keeps a bat or glove in his hand and he's really good.  I'm not biased, I promise ;)

We hung out at papaw and granny's this weekend too.  Carsyn is going through the stage where sitting and eating isn't really fun.  She'd just rather have her food on the go.  She carried around a roll for an hour that day! Hilarious!

I love weekends with family and my little girl!


  1. That first pic of them in the pool is beyond precious! I believe it needs framed!

  2. I am highly jealous of their pool pictures. I need a yesterday! Oh and those darling matching crab outfits.. Need. Want. Gotta Have. Where are they from?

  3. She always looks so adorable!

    And that little boy with the bat...that's my easton...he'd just as much sleep with it if given the opportunity. BOYS!!!! GET READY!!!!! ;)

  4. What beautiful kiddos! They are precious in their matching crab outfits but you're right - for a kid, there's nothing that makes them happier than a diaper!

    Hope you're feeling well pretty mama!

  5. That underwear picture is too precious for words! As are those crab outfits!

    Speaking of, did you see my giveaway? She has some really cute crab applique designs :)

  6. I love them! G is always happier in a fact he is running around the house like that as I type!

  7. One day they will kill you for the underwear pics! Blackmail!!! My kids are the same way though!