Monday, October 3, 2011


My mind is such a full mess right now! There are a MILLION things I need to be doing and I feel like I'm always behind. I start each week writing down all the tasks I need to do and feel so overwhelmed. My house is a disaster,my hubby rarely gets a home cooked meal, and I'm so grouchy I can't stand myself.

Fall has always been my time of year. Some say its a spiritual time, or a time of renewal and I kind of like that. I like the fact that summer is over and I can sip warm drinks and curl up under a blanket. I like to look outside and see the leaves dying and the dew dripping off the colors of autumn. I like the chill in the air. I'm hoping the calmness of the weather outside will somehow put me in that same calm state.

I went to church yesterday morning and honestly didn't comprehend a word the preacher said. I set there completely annoyed at myself for letting the noise in my head interrupt this time. I guess I can partly blame that on it being baby girl's first time in the church nursery. (Luckily she LOVED it). I don't know why I let little things like mounds laundry and cleaning to do get inside my head. Reschedule pictures, get windows cleaned, cut back trees, clean out closets, put up baby stuff.....its never ending. Its like I need an off button to turn down the static. While I had hoped the church service would help me clear out the junk I think I finally succeeded during my evening run. Before mile 1 I was already feeling better. As the gravel crunched under my feet and Bruce sang about lonesome days I begin to think clear thoughts. I think I'm going to make it a point to get back to running at least 3 days a week. And yes I'm aware of the fact I say this every week or two! My mom always said when she walked she thought and I guess I'm just like her. Running=therapy :)

Thankfully, the hubby and Carsyn had daddy/daughter day and I also worked some outside. I always feel better when I accomplish even small tasks, but I'm going to try to relax more also. Speaking of relaxing we had a very low key Saturday. We went to my MIL & FIL's house to watch the cats play. I might have fallen asleep during the 4th qtr. We lost, but part of the fun is getting dressed up in KY gear and cooking, don't you think?

I made 3 appetizers dishes and they turned out pretty well. Do y'all have a great buffalo chicken dip recipe? I keep tweaking mine!

Well, my goal for this week is to lose the grouchiness...wish me luck!


  1. Carsyn looks super adorable. Walking=Therapy for me. I just made this buffalo chicken dip last weekend and thought it was good, especially for being a "skinny" version.

  2. That baby girl keeps getting cuter!!!!
    I have been doing Zumba 3x a week and I feel so much better. I am not losing the weight I thought I would, but gaining some clarity about being healthy.

  3. Walking is the time I use to clear my head! I love my daily strolls:) I always let the little things like cleaning and laundry stress me out. I keep trying to change that about's hard!

    I was JUST thinking that I wanted to try a buffalo chicken dip. I may try Lynsey's! I have been on a buffalo kick lately!

    Can Carsyn be any cuter?! Her hair is getting so long! I want to see her in some pigtails! I live vicariously through you girl mamas!

  4. Carsyn is just the cutest! I always feel better after I workout/ run too!