Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Carsyn is 13 months old

Are we going to be doing the pig pic until you're going away to college? I think so!

Unfortunately the pictures are getting more difficult as you do not like to sit still and rarely let loose of the remote.

Carsyn, you change every day! Each day is a new adventure with you. Lately you have perfected the hissy fit. When things don't go your way you start whining, then you proceed to scream and beat yourself in the head. Most people succumb- mom is standing firm (well most of the time).

You still love to babble. You repeat everything. Pops loves to make you repeat oh. my. gah. It's cute, and very dramatic. Oh well, guess you're a drama queen like momma.

You are so very close to walking! I was hoping by Halloween but maybe not. You push your little shopping cart everywhere. Funny thing is you only like certain things in it- the remote and little people. There will be no buggy rides for barbies and dolls!

Lately you've been a little grouchy in the car. Where's my little travel buddy? With Christmas time coming up momma hopes her little shopping buddy returns soon.

You really are enjoying play time by yourself. Sunday night you played peekaboo with your stuffed animals in the pnp for an hour-whoa!! Mom and dad enjoyed really enjoyed Sunday night football-will this be a tradition?

You love to eat grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, and mac n cheese. Your favorite snack is anything banana flavored. You love milk! You drink at least 4 sippys a day.

You are officially a champion sleeper. Thank you honey, that was a rough few months. You go to bed around 9 and sleep til 8:30 or 9:30. You take one long nap a day from 2-4. Sometimes you have a morning catnap.

Your favorite activity is riding in your wagon. When someone says ride your little eyes light up! You say so many words.. ride, hello, hi, bye, mommy, daddy, dog, duck, shoe, poop, Robbie, Rosie, pops, mad (for Maddox), babe, bow, and no to name a few.

You are wearing mostly 12 month clothing-it's a little big but the length is perfect.

Still 2 teeth, looks like a top one is getting ready to come through though.

Carsyn, momma and daddy love you so very much!


  1. Such a precious little post. they grow up way too fast unfortuntely :(

  2. Love the pictures! She is so cute in her boots & coat.

  3. Haha! Carson would say bow. Little diva. How about we go ahead and do the Gatlinburg meetup tomorrow and Carsyn can teach G how to talk and then Grayson can show her how to run. Perfect.

  4. Oh my word! I love the outfit. The coat and hairband with the blingy paci - beyond adorable. She is just so darn cute!