Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall, Ponies, & Retail Therapy

Truth is the title should be weekend recap, but that just sounded boring ;)

Saturday Carsyn and I made the trip to Lexington to do several things. The mountain parkway is so beautiful this time of year I really don't mind the drive!

A while back PLL announced a little meet up she was hosting at Keeneland. Gorgeous weather, getting to finally meet PLL, and ponies-sign me up! I was so GLAD I went. If you haven't met PLL I have to say she is the sweetest, most beautiful gal. And Carsyn LOVED her (and we all know she is the best judge of character).

(stolen from PLL)

It was so much fun getting to meet some of PLL's sweet pals including Erin and PLL's little sis pictured. Please forgive the diaper hanging out-it was so hot I had to take Carsyn's tights off. (Note to self-must make sure to pull baby girl's dress down before photographing)

Carsyn loved tailgating at Keeneland but I wasn't quite sure about taking her in so we headed out to do a little shopping. I finally got her foot measured-whopping size 5- and picked her up some walking shoes (she's almost there). We met up with auntie M and visited Bella Bliss.

Have you ladies been there? I found the image above online. Isn't their retail store just beautiful? Trust me, their clothes are equally precious!

We squeezed in a little play time with Maddox and had dinner at Carsyn's favorite dining establishment-Chickfila!

Right now Carsyn's favorite thing to do is be pulled in the wagon Maddox got her for her birthday. The weather here has been so beautiful we're trying to enjoy outside activites as much as possible. Sunday after church she made me pull her for an hour. Every time we stopped she started hollering RIDE!!

Momma slept good Sunday night ;)


  1. It looks like you ladies had so much fun! That store is darling!

  2. Nice pictures--looks like a great time. :)

  3. Great pictures! So glad Carsyn enjoyed her first Keeneland experience!

  4. Love the mountain parkway this time of year also! We just went to Paintsville this past weekend for a wedding! (We live in Lexington now) We've yet to make it to Keeneland though since living here. Glad to have stumbled onto your blog!