Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's On?

It seems like everyone gets excited for fall TV these days, huh? Its not really the highlight of the season for me, but I do like to occasionally veg out in front of the tube. I think I'm probably the most random TV watcher ever. Here's a few highlights:

New Shows

Pan Am- not impressed and I will probably not be back.

Revenge- my favorite so far-I can't wait to see what happens next.

Up All Night-I love the actors in this one, but find the storyline a little boring.

The Playboy Club-not surprised its cancelled already.

Old favorites

I LOVE Body of Proof. I think I'm just a Dana Delaney fan.

I plan to watch the final season of Desperate Housewives, but honestly I think the show ran its course a while back.

I'm very behind on Gossip Girl, but I like to watch just for the fashion.

DWTS is always fun to watch but I really don't have a favorite yet...perhaps JR Martinez.

RHOBH & RHONJ- I LOVE my real housewives-reality TV at its finest!! Also, hubby since I know you're a closet reader of the blog can you build me Lisa Vanderpump's closet???

Or maybe have my wedding gown mounted like Adrienne Maloof?

K, thanks!

Catching Up

I have Mad Men seasons piled up to watch. Is it worth it? Also, so many friends have told me to watch True Blood, but honestly, it CREEPS me out. And, lastly, I am getting ready to start FNL..I hope its as good as everyone says!!

So, what am I missing out on?


  1. That is such a cool idea with the gown!

  2. I am a DWTS junkie! I love it and my husband doesn't understand it! JR Martinez is my early favorite. I just love his attitude and excitement for everything. And he's trying so hard. :)

  3. I love DWTS, Biggest Loser, Psych, Bones, House, NCIS, etc...but I have become a "netflix junkie", so I watch a lot of BBC series. (Doctor Who, Merlin, Robin Hood, Torchwood, to name a few.)

    However, I am trying to watch them now AFTER zumba or working out, so that I don't feel guilty...LOL.

  4. I am loving Revenge. It's my fave new show. I really want to like Up All Night and it's definitely growing on me. Basically because the Christina Applegate character is me. So I love her. Love some DWTS. And about fifty other shows. I'm such a fall tv junkie!

  5. True blood is a must.
    I call myself Jennie Vanderpump lol I tell my husband, "I am going to cut the roses in my garden with my best English accent". Hehehe love her...
    I love glee, vampire diaries and modern family.

  6. 1. Love DWTS. I think David and Carson are my favorites. I love JR too though!
    2. You made it perfectly clear last night that you are missing out on THE JERSEY SHORE Italiano style!
    3. I love The Office but it just isn't the same without Michael Scott.
    4. Do you watch Project Runway??