Thursday, October 27, 2011

Catch Up..

Folks, I need an intervention. is kicking my tail. I just realized I've sent like 500 tweets. Between tweeting and blogging I feel like my life is spent on a computer, ipad, or iphone. Sheesh, I have a child to raise-and a job to do!! I'm actually glad at times my facebook was hacked. I try to follow those who follow me and comment back and answer questions (I'm from the South, we call that courtesy) but at times its overwhelming. That being said here's a few things I'm catching up on.

I made these chicken salad croissants this week. The recipe is posted here. Many people tell me they love my chicken salad and its so easy..

We had Carsyn's 1 year photo shoot this week and I got a little dressed up hoping to capture some mother/daughter moments. Carsyn was having none of that so we'll just have to wait another year for that mommy/daughter moment. Thanks for your comments on the outfit though ladies!

I was happy to get my 8 month session canvas hung. My SIL & BIL got Carsyn that blue outfit and its probably my favorite session yet.

Lastly, thanks for the recent sweet comments. I WISH that were my front porch! That picture was taken at my MIL & FIL's new home-which is gorgeous by the way. Please read their story here. Anyone who knows me would know my front porch would not have mums that gorgeous. My mums are already dying..see..

and Laura, those are my Coach old faithful boots...I was afraid to wear the Fryes to a pumpkin painting party ;)

Hope that answered some questions ladies!! Please bear with me as I'm getting Carsyn's first birthday photos organized. Here's a little peek at the birthday girl..

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  1. Your front porch looks pretty! I love the lanterns!!!
    And Carsyn's outfit... SO CUTE!