Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reflections & Phases

I am finding myself reflecting upon Carsyn's life a lot these days. I guess its because she is a year old and I remember so many instances of EXACTLY what we were doing this time last year. It seems like that was just yesterday. Insane. I remember watching endless amounts of football (it was Carsyn's favorite). I remember getting up early in hopes to shower before Carsyn woke up. I remember wondering what on earth we were going to do on Halloween..would she be too cold? would she behave herself? would she be grumpy from sitting up too late? I remember these days when my sister and SIL offered their services and let me do some fun stuff for myself. I recall those long walks at the lake when my baby was bundled up and sleeping soundly and I had a minute to collect my thoughts.

Now, don't get me wrong, those days were rough, but they were gone too quickly. I love being a mommy to an energetic, spirited one year old, but at times I miss that cuddly baby. I miss holding her while she slept for hours though I complained about it at the time.

Moving on to present day...Carsyn really is doing something new every day. Its hard to keep track of. One day she has a favorite toy and the next day its completely forgotten. Her favorite phrase right now is saying "I poop." Basically its every time she sees or hears the word diaper and sometimes randomly in public for no reason. She also says "hello" or more like "hewwow" every time the phone rings or she plays with her phone toy. I've tried to capture these on video.

Ok, so if you watched these can you forgive the state of baby girl's messy room, the fact that she is half swaddled at 1, and my redneck accent?? Thanks!


  1. I could eat her up! I love her little voice and laugh. I've already told you that she is gifted..."I poop" is a sentence!!

  2. she is such a little doll! I jus love her! Time flies by way too fast when they are little like that it goes from baby to toddler to teenager then adult....I just hate it! If only we could freeze time!

  3. She is so beautiful! And her little laugh just melts my heart..ah! I am so happy to hear from you! I was just thinking about you the other day....glad to see y'all are doing great! :)