Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We're a basketball school...

but here in KY we still know how to tailgate!! Don't believe me?? Check out my gorgeous pal PLL.. Not proof enough?

Here are a few pics of Carsyn's first UK tailgate (well unless you count this).

Maddox kept Carsyn entertained! She sat in her stroller for over an hour..having 2 kids might be a good idea after all ;)

Seriously, is he not the cutest little guy?? He kept telling me to throw the football way up high!! Thus making me look super glamorous, don't you think?

Hanging out with my favorite girls..

Some of my tailgating buddies :)

When we made it into the game I figured Carsyn would last about 1 qtr and she lasted the whole game! Of course she was squirmy, but she generally loved it!

She finally tuckered out during the 4th qtr..I guess the good thing about having your same seats for 10 years is getting to be friends with your neighbors!


  1. can I have your skinniness, dress, and boots? kthanks.

  2. Umm. I am in love with your dress and boots! Seriously, they are gorgeous as are you. And hello skinny momma!!! Carsyn is adorable!

  3. Such a cute blog you have, new follower!! I LOVE your dress and your boots, where did you get them?? xoxo