Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesdays are for weddings!

My SIL at Kentucky Girl has been highlighting wedding ideas over at her blog on Wednesdays. Her wedding was completely fabulous and I've always felt she had a knack for planning every single detail. My favorite part of a wedding hands down is the dress!! Believe it or not I'm still completely in love with my dress and hope some day Carsyn will incorporate some part of it in her own wedding. I found my dress while cleaning out closets this summer. I think it looks like it's in pretty decent shape.

If I were shopping for a dress now I'm just not sure which direction I would turn. If my wedding was a simple affair I might would choose a JCrew gown. I love all things JCrew and find their gowns to be beautiful and timeless.

I like these 2 for a more traditional wedding

How perfect would this be for a beach wedding??

and how fun is this for a post nuptials dancing dress??

So what was your wedding gown like? If you were/are shopping for one now what would you choose?


  1. I love J. Crew dresses. In fact, I had a minor freak out about two months before my wedding and decided I hated my dress. So I ordered a J. Crew dress. It showed up and I despised it. I sent it back and wore the dress I originally picked.

    My dress was an ivory sweetheart top, a-line lace dress. It was very simple and pretty. I guess I wasn't madly in love with it though because I sold it two months after the wedding. :)

  2. Your dress is beautiful! If I were buying a dress now it would be a ballgown.

  3. Your dress is still beautiful and timeless. I am sure Carsyn will love the idea of wearing your gown someday. I love the JCrew dresses, especially the short one....very cute!

  4. I bought 2 dresses for my wedding...and about a month before, I bought(another)the one I ended up wearing...LOL.

    Of the 2 I had, I dyed one and made a cocktail dress...the other I need to sell on ebay...LOL...and the one I wore, my eldest child has said that she would like to wear it for her wedding day. I am not, however, gonna hold her to it...LOL.

    BTW, I am now in on Wednesdays are for Weddings. I guess, I better tell Kristi.