Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Carsyn is 4 months old!!

Carsyn Presley you are 4 months old today..oh my goodness!! For once, I feel like time has slowed down and we are so enjoying our time together. It seems you do something new each day. Right now your little hands are your mouth, wrapped around Sophie, pulling at your clothes, grabbing your toes, and especially trying to grab the spoon out of mommy's hand.

Speaking of spoons you're completely happy opening your mouth for a big spoonful of rice cereal, but once that pasty substance hits your tongue things definitely change. You're such a tiny little thing and momma struggles with worrying you are eating enough. According to the ped you are not underweight but 2 weeks ago your were just about 11 lbs and we decided cereal would put a little weight on you. You gobble it up for Rosie but not so much when momma feeds you. You have a very chill attitude most of the time, but if you miss a nap boy does that make you mad!

You are a terrific sleeper and love naptime. You play hard then crash and sleep hard. You love to lie on your activity mat and pull at the fishes and octopus. You also love to kick your feet and watch the lights on your activity center light up. You despise tummy time and will usually roll over on your back when mommy forces you on your tummy. However, your head and neck is getting so much stronger thanks to mr bumbo seat :)

You smile and laugh constantly and love the sound of your own voice. You love to shriek and goo and and uncle Robby carry on conversations no one else understands.

You still love TV and could watch football or Mickey Mouse all day. Most days you'd rather watch TV than eat! You love going for rides in the car, which is good because momma does keep you on the road a little too much. You are wearing 3 month clothing and filling it out completely in length..perhaps you'll grow to be tall like momma after all.

You are beginning to want to be on the move and as you can clearly see from the photos below you do not like sitting still too much.

As always darling girl, you are mommy and daddy's world and each day we grow to love you more.


  1. She is so cute!! And I love her little bow and outfit! :)

  2. She's beautiful!! I love her monogrammed outfit, too cute!

  3. She is so precious! Love her how and monogrammed outfit!

  4. Happy 4 Months Carsyn! I can't remember life without her! She has brought so much joy into our lives. Love you all.