Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Peek Inside....

I love reading blogs!! I love seeing what you're up to and what's on your mind- where you're going on your next vacation, what makes you smile, what you did last weekend, what you're watching on TV, what inspires you.

One of my favorite blogs is Kellys Korner and her SUYL series. In hopes that some of you will share a few "peaks" inside your world I figure I'll do the same. I hope to share with you a peak inside my life each week.

So, what better place to start than my fridge. In case you were wondering who does the grocery shopping in our house please take a gander at my freezer drawer...

all the credit for those delectable frozen finger foods goes to the hubby..except that bag of frozen biscuits in the corner- that's all me. Have you tried the mini version?? They're divine! Maybe its a Southern thing but we eat a lot of biscuits in this house. Recently I asked the hubby if we should cut them out in attempt to lose weight and he looked at me and said in his most serious voice "If its a world without biscuits, Jen I sure don't want to live in it." I think that's a great note to leave on :)


  1. Hahaha TGI Fridays, MEN, love it!
    I love reading blogs too, i think I am a tad bit nosey.

  2. I tried the fridays apps (when I could eat diary) and I just dont think they taste like the resturant

  3. If my husband did the shopping, our freezer would look the same way, but add in a few frozen pizzas too! The boy eats enough take-out junk though so I don't send him to the store too often. :)

  4. I'm not pointing anything out, but just like shoveling snow, gosh is he neat!...LOL.