Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesdays are for catch up!

Here I am catching up...again.. Bear with me folks.  I hate to bore you by saying I'm in a blogging rut. BUT. I'm in a blogging rut.  I struggle with writing to vent and writing to enjoy vs. writing as a means of a digital scrapbook.  Regardless, here's what's going on.

W and I went to Keeneland to meet up with friends Saturday.  We all know W has discovered the blog, but I think it bores him and he doesn't read anymore.  So now I can say my hubby is pretty darn cute, right?

..Even when he can't remember where we parked the car.  (Don't mind me using that situation as a great photo opp...clearly it was funnier if you were there).

It was SO cold Saturday. I spent an hour in my closet Friday night putting outfits together and still didn't really come up with a winner.  I really wanted to break out a sundress and thought about wearing one with a cardigan, but decided against it. Here's what I went with.

I spent most of the day shivering like an idiot with my scarf used as a shawl.  I think W had a good time catching up.. we had not seen Kevin in 4 years!

I got in major cleaning mode and got my front porch ready for Spring.  We actually got egged on Easter Sunday and I needed to do some major scrubbing....And yes, apparently my hilljack neighbors think Easter is a reason to celebrate by egging homes in the neighborhood.  (And since I am guilty of hashtagging conversations...#getmeouttathesticks)

I could not find any pretty ferns, but I'm hoping this hydrangea will last a while- they're my favorite!

So if you drive by this summer you will likely see my butt parked right there sipping my morning coffee or evening wine.

Speaking of wine,  this is my new favorite.  I'm not a huge white wine fan, but I do prefer it during warm weather.

Its also a little more friendly on the wallet than Cakebread ;)
Little man is a chewing machine...We go to the park a lot and he loves to gnaw on the swing.  Thank goodness that's completely sanitary..
And...a pinterest recipe that's actually good.  I think I have a version of this pinned, but I tweaked it a little.  This is closer to what I used.  Creamy Italian Chicken


  1. I love the catch up... I do not like red nore white wines but I Love fruit wines :) They are great! I am glad you all had a great time however I am sad that you was froze the hubby should have loved on you more hehe!& little baby boy is growing like crazy!

  2. Love your porch!!!

    Glad to have found you on blogger after following you on IG!