Thursday, April 18, 2013

Playing catch always

I feel I'm always playing blog catch up.  Sorry.  Its such a tedious task to update the blog with pictures of what is going on in life, but I know one day I'll be happy I did.  I'd probably be more interesting if I left out all of life's little happenings, but each of them are important to me and I can't imagine years from now I'll want to look back at my OOTD.  Pretty sure I'll cringe at some of the things I thought or said or did, but I'm positive there will not be one single picture of the kids I'll regret posting....except for those of Hank in princess crowns..sorry bub ;)

I think I'm going to dedicate Wednesdays to catching up.  If you follow me on IG this might be a bit redundant, but if you read this blog and don't (hi mom!) it'll be new to you.

We recently celebrated my awesome BIL's birthday.

My sister did an excellent job planning and I pretty much adore all of the people that showed up.  Bryan's family has pretty much became my extended family and it was so much fun chatting with them.
Carsyn absolutely loves playing with other kids so it was hard to get her to stay still.

Speaking of Carsyn, she pretty much has me wrapped around her little finger.  Can someone explain to me WHY grocery stores have giant hello kitty, cars, and Cinderella balloons at checkouts?  I'm actually kidding.  I know why.  Because suckers like me can't handle the "PLLEEEASSE momma, hello kitty cat..PPLLLEEEASSSE..I NEED it" wails of a 2 year old. Never mind the fact that I almost had to open the sunroof to get it to fit.

But, if that's not a happy camper, I don't know what is.

I apologize for the running attire, but I got my hair did this week and went back blonde.  Feels good.  I wanted to wait and post a pic of it fixed, but who knows when it'll happen.

Y'all have noticed my super cute header designed by Ashley Brooke, right?  Did you know her online shop is full of adorableness?  Her products always bring a smile to my face.  I snapped this pic of my vanity the other day.  Doesn't that lipstick print just belong there?

I kind of felt guilty posting that picture on instagram, because it looked all tidy and peaceful and truthfully I was trying to put my face on while the heathens destroyed the rest of the upstairs.  See?

I usually just pull out that basket of toys when I'm trying to do anything upstairs and it entertains them for a few minutes.  You can also see the awful spiral staircase in the background.  Bane of my existence.  Do you know how many times I have fallen down those?  I keep that blue box (which needs to go to the attic) in the corner to barricade the landing and Carsyn likes to scoot it out of the way.  She thinks she's helping me tidy up-I think she's trying to sabotage her brother ;)

Are y'all on pinterest?  I'm the first to confess I'm really bad at doing what I "pin."  If you have a board full of 100s of recipes I automatically envy you and assume you cook.  That's bad of me.  I know.  I really want to cook up all those delicious recipes but cooking takes TIME.  And involves grocery shopping.  And every time I try something new its not "The most delicious _____ ever! Trying this tonight!" I made these "awesome" egg banana pancakes last week.  Not awesome.  Tasted like fried bananas.  I guess they're supposed to be healthy?  Soooo not worth it.

So help a sister out, what pinterest recipe is really awesome?  What am I missing?

Hope you enjoyed catching up!


  1. Your hair looks great! And life is short - you might as well indulge your children in the little things...such as Hello Kitty balloons!

  2. LOOOVE your blog,just found it this morning! Loving the way you dress your little girl,after three boys,I am FINALLY able to dress my own little princess,who just turned three this month! Love your daughter's hair bows,where do you buy them? Have a blessed day,look forward to following you and seeing more cute outfits!

  3. Just found your blog and I absolutely love it! Love the outfit you picked out with the cassie dress as well!