Monday, April 15, 2013

I Don't Know Why You Don't Take Me Downtown

Carsyn and I rock out to that Lady A song on a daily basis...Hank usually looks at us like we're crazy.  In fact, after bath time I took a little video of her singing..She actually knows the words to almost the entire song, but girl cannot sit still for more than a minute.  And likes to go mute when I turn the camera on.  Forgive my singing.  Now you know why I'm not on stage anywhere.

We're awesome, huh?

Well, I was thinking about the words and the meaning the other day..yeah I'm that girl who analyzes song lyrics.  What girl doesn't like getting dressed up and going out?  For real.  I'm happy in my mom uniform 90% of the time, but its still fun to shed those yoga pants, right?

Unfortunately, there's not much to do around here as far as "going out" goes.  I envy y'all that have legit fancy places to go to!  Our "downtown" comprises of an awesome freestanding DQ and questionable Mexican restaurant.  W and I have tried date nights in the past and they just don't seem worth it.  Shall we break it down? A.) I'm still nursing. 4 hours away from Hank the Tank is maximum allotment.  B.) W works a crazy, plethora of hours.  It doesn't seem fair to force him out and about if he's lucky enough to get a weekend off.  C.) Date nights at home would likely encompass W falling asleep amidst Duck Dynasty while I do laundry, Hank eats magazines or whatever he can get his hands on, and Carsyn rides her tricycle into walls.

So, Rosie and I have instigated date night.....with the kids :)

Anyone wanna work on getting W to fill in on occasion?
I gotta dress that'll show a little uh-uh.....


  1. Y'all are cute! Sing it girl! Come to Nashville and we'll put you on stage at a Honky Tonk! ;)

    At least you've got Rosie for now! Maybe W will see how much fun y'all have and join every now and then!

  2. oh my word! That is TOO Cute! I love yall's voices :)