Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer Dunes..

We took our annual Isle of Palms trip last week.  Rosie came along which meant the kids were little angels and I got to rest :)

We knew the weather was going to be cool, but the evening we arrived it was pretty nice. I snapped this picture from our house.

We did not get a lot of beach days- The beginning of the week was really windy, but we set up a bunker behind a dune and the kids played in the sand.

Hank slept the whole time so when we woke him up for a photo op he was a little moody.

Carsyn is still the total beach babe she's always been though :)

The good thing about vacationing in Charleston is if the weather is bad you can always eat and shop!

(please note..I do not condone a 2 year old wearing lipstick, BUT if its nearly clear and keeps her happy in her stroller for an hour? Perfectly acceptable)

Shopping with 2 kids is nearly impossible, but browsing is fairly easy..especially when you have a sweet sister and mom to take over sometimes.

If you're wondering about places to eat there are many locals and experts who'd probably steer you in the right direction.

If you need kid friendly places, you can ask me.

Dinner somewhere at Shem Creek is usually a good idea because every kid loves boats and its nice to not drive into town one night.

We enjoy going to Barbara Jeans because its in a great location and is usually not crowded and quick.  The night we ate there it was packed, but they let the kids sit on the bar so props for that!

Rosie's favorite place to eat is Poogan's Porch.  We had dinner there one night and it was really good.  I'd have to say for a sort of upscale restaurant they were very kid friendly as well.  It was quite a wait but we strolled over to the waterfront and took pictures.

We stopped by Peninsula Grill for coconut cake and I used their courtyard for some photos..Isn't it gorgeous?

And as usual, pictures of both kids together are missing..It seems when one is happy the other is asleep..Oh well, just another reason to go back to the beach soon :)

Bye Summer Dunes Lane...Til next year...


  1. Love. All I can say is love. The whole Charleston area is just heaven on Earth!

  2. Omg It looks great Jen. I need to go to Charleston soon. Also where did u get hanks surfer outfit? My son elvis is having a surfer birthday party.

  3. I love the whole Charleston area! I hope to go soon! Your sweet kids are just precious in every single picture.