Monday, April 29, 2013

Hank is 9 months old!

Baby boy, you are a whopping 9 months old!  Time is flying and I sometimes feel you're not my little baby anymore.

Your hair is getting longer and turning darker.  I'm not sure you if you'll be a little redhead or not.  You have one little curl in the back and its the sweetest thing ever.  You look just like your aunt Melissa's baby pictures!

You're still pretty chunky and weigh right at 20 lbs.  You are wearing mostly 12 month clothing and some 9 months.

Since I got behind on your 8 month post I figure I"ll combine the 2.

At 8 months you were babbling da-da and bu-bu-bu but right at 8.5 months you started saying ma-ma.  I love it. You say ma-ma all day long.

Of course that means you are quite dependant on momma.  Her arms are aching some days, but its awfully nice to feel needed too :)

At 8 months you were almost crawling and as of 9 months  you are starting to get the hang of it.  You are into everything!  You always army crawled, rolled, and scooted any where you wanted to go and now you are getting up on all fours and making a little progress before tumbling.

Yo do not like being still.  Taking your picture this month was SO hard.

We have been frequenting the park and as of right now its your favorite place in the world.  You enjoy swinging, but are content to sit in your stroller and suck your toes and watch the world go by.

Still only two bottom teeth have made an appearance.  I thought you were getting your top ones months ago and they still haven't poked through.  You are chewing on EVERYTHING and sometimes when you seem miserable for no reason I think its your teeth.

You still really like to eat.  You nurse 3-4 times a day in addition to eating baby food.  We've tried some table food and its not your thing.  You love your oatmeal cereal for a late breakfast.  Your favorite dinner is mac and cheese!

You sleep from 9:30 to 9:30 and rarely wake in between. You usually take a 45 minute nap around 11 or 12 and a 2 hour nap around 2 or 3.

You have really been enjoying bath time and love to splash all of the water out of the tub.  You also LOVE to be sang to whether its itsy bitsy spider or get your shine on.

Hank, mommy and daddy love you so much! Its so much fun seeing the world through your little eyes as you continue to grow.


  1. Jen... why does Hank think it is okay to grow up so fast? Grown down baby boy! Grow down.

  2. He is so cute, but he is growing up too quickly!!!