Monday, April 1, 2013

Bunnies and Eggs!

We've had a bust few days enjoying Easter festivities!

We took the kids to see the Easter bunny on Friday and Carsyn was super unimpressed. Hank? He thought the Easter bunny's buttons were delicious and proceeded to try to tear them off and off and put them in his mouth. So, yeah, I'm sure that bunny really looks forward to our next visit ;)

 I hated to be THAT mom pleading with her kid to sit on the scary bunny's lap so I gave up.  I had taken her in the Disney store to pick out something for the Easter bunny to bring her and she got so excited over Minnie flip flops and sunglasses- I really thought she'd march right up to that bunny and sit on his lap.  She squealed and waved and laughed but when she got within 5 feet she was terrified.  I explained 100 times she wasn't getting either of those things since she didn't tell the bunny, but daddy caved and got her the flip flops.

She was so excited but kept asking for her glasses.  We called the Easter bunny the whole way home and told him what a good girl Carsyn was and she was too afraid to sit on his lap so Saturday morning he brought her a little basket.  I just cannot punish her for being afraid, but I can't go back on my word either or I feel like I'll create a little spoiled brat.

BUT, she loves those glasses....she insisted on wearing them when we made our peep treats...and of course the same bunny dress from the day before.  Did I mention she slept in those flip flops that night?? She woke me up at 7:30 screaming "get these off my feet, they hurt!"  I went in her room tok them off and she said "thanks, I'm going back sleep now."Love her heart.

We got the kids dressed and attempted some family photos before heading to Easter dinner at mom and dad's.

Maddox came up to hide eggs and the kids had so much fun.

 Carsyn decided she would hide hers by herself at one point- I guess that makes them easier to find?

Its completely impossible to get these kids all smiling, but I know someday I'll love seeing the attempts.

..and attempts..

..and attempts..

We colored eggs when we got home Saturday night andI was completely surprised by how into it Carsyn was.  She waited patiently for them to turn the appropriate color and for mommy and daddy to fish them out.  Then she waited for them to dry to put stickers on them.

The baskets were assembled before the kids got up Sunday morning.

We made it to church after the kids went through their baskets and poor little Hank got super fussy.  I hate that holidays just wear my kids out.  Hank is finally a great napper at home and in a crib but he's just not one of those babies that you can rock to sleep.  I think they were both happy to get to W's papaws.


Carsyn really enjoyed spending time with her cousins, Payton and Chloe and helping Auntie hide eggs!

Hope y'all had a wonderful Easter!


  1. So funny about the minnie flip flops. I have decided it's a power struggle issue with K not wanting to do things my way. Ha! You have some sweet babies!

  2. Your babies are too cute! I can't believe how quickly Hank is growing up - sitting like a big boy! Glad you guys had a good Easter!

  3. The photo of H with the Easter bunny is adorable! You will be so glad that you blogged all of C's cute stories to read back on...she is so precious.

  4. It looks like you all had a great time! I love C waking up in the middle of the night saying take these off thank you going back to sleep now! That was just too cute :) Hank has grown like a little weed! I cannot believe he has gotten so big...

  5. We didn't get an Easter bunny picture this year either :( silly girls. your family loos absolutely perfect! as always!!!