Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow and Love

We had a pretty big snow storm to hit at the end of last week.  It had been predicted for quite awhile so we planed in advance to be at Rosie and Pop's so we would have hills to sled down and fields to frolic in.

Carsyn loved the snow, but Hank not so much.  He stayed inside the Ranger until Carsyn persuaded him to ride the tube with her.

We had lots of fun but I'm thinking I'm ready for winter to be over!

Rosie took Carsyn for a Valentine's manicure in prep for the big day. She's always so patient. I really need to take her more often but I have visions of Hanky climbing on nail polish displays!

Carsyn has been saying Happy Valentine's Day! since January.  She was really upset Christmas morning when she did not get her Stompeez (darn infomercials) so I think she was expecting them for Valentine's Day. 

We got dressed up, ordered pizza and ate a lot of chocolate. 

Thanks for the gown Rosie!

I'm so lucky to have the sweetest little valentines!

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