Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekend Recap

Weekends always fly by and Monday is here before you know it and though I vowed I'd try to always do a weekend recap to have to look back on one day sometimes its hard!  And hello run on sentence..

We recieved this cute little number in the mail Friday and I couldn't resist trying it on Carsyn the minute I opened it.  I ordered this from Petey Pies on Instagram and couldn't be more obsessed!

We celebrated my pop's birthday on Saturday.  Here's a little ootd shot. See also I need to invest in navy shoes.

The weather was 60 degrees and so nice. It was great to be able to get the littles outside.

This picture cracks me up. Carsyn was just so in need of a nap and Hank had just gotten up from a 2 hour slumber. What can I say? My kids need naps!

We went to church on Sunday and I had to rock the dirty hair side pony.

For Super Bowl Sunday I took over the kitchen and made BBQ chicken pizza. I'm getting better.

I was chatting with my big sis this weekend about the last movie I watched.  And came to the conclusion it had been way too long since I had last indulged in a good rom com.  When I turned on Netflix this was listed as a suggestion and I thought it was so good.  Nicholas Sparks does no wrong in my book.

Have y'all seen Safe Haven?

What movies do I need to catch up on?

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  1. I have read all of Nicholas Sparks books as well as seen & own every single one of his movies! I just cannot ever get enough of any of them :) Glad you enjoyed it...