Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Winter Picture Catchup

I think Spring is here!!! Yay! I've never hated winter..until I had a wild child outside loving toddler. Its SO HARD staying inside!

We had a great winter...Starting with a New Years Eve party at my MILs.



Carsyn loves getting dressed up..She loves wearing bracelets and yelling "PRETTY!"




As for those who always wondered where Carsyn got her petite little frame check out my MIL. Isn't she cute? That's my mom holding Carsyn...we look nothing alike, huh? Sad.

Valentine's Day came and went..


My desk even got dressed up a little...(Hi Mason, Hi Maddox, Hi Knox, Hi Sloane)


We got a fairly large snow and went to my in laws to enjoy it. Carsyn actually loved it, but didn't care much for sledding.






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  1. Love all the pictures...especially Carsyn in the snow! Too cute!