Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DVF......for Carsyn?!

I adore Diane. I mean drool over her dresses on a weekly basis. Every woman should own her classic wrap dress. If I have a special occasion coming up I always go to Neimans, Saks, or Intermix and see what she has to offer. She never disappoints and in fact is the only designer I wear the hubby actually compliments me on. I have dresses in my closet 5 years old that still look great.


Fellow girl mom blogger Mel sent me a little message if I had seen DVF's baby Gap line. How did I not know about this? My sister called and asked if I'd bought the collection yet. Thanks ladies!! Carsyn is now all set for Spring in these little numbers:


  1. a wrap dress for Carsyn!! LOVE IT!

  2. So cute & adorable :) I love it where can you get the adult dresses?

  3. So cute, but my kid is a bit of a nudist.....I'd be afraid she's unwrap herself at a very inappropriate time!