Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Stuff

This was a busy, busy weekend but I've learned being busy means bedtime gets pushed back and baby girl sleeps in. Soooooo sleeping til 10 the past 2 mornings means a well rested momma :)

We took a much needed day off work Friday and went to Walmart. I hate Walmart and have learned Carsyn is at the age she wants everything. Fun. We left with a ball and Minnie Mouse lawn chair. Girl would not let go of the ball.

Saturday morning we played dress up with Minnie Mouse.

I had a dinner on Saturday night and got dressed up a little. I know getting dressed up will come to an end very shortly. sigh.

I left baby girl in capable hands with my inlaws and made the drive to Lexington solo. What do you do in the car alone mommas? I rock out to KOL!

I got into town early enough to drop in on my big sis and have some latte/girl talk time. Gosh, I wish we lived closer.

I'm still rocking the bright coral on my nails. I still love the gel mani, but good gracious HATE the time it takes to soak it off. Is this a minor complaint or do y'all have a secret method of getting it off?


  1. I feel like every time we go to a store, G ends up with a new ball. We probably have 47 balls in the house or garage...I have no will power!!

  2. Love the nails!!!! I might need to try this for my birthday! ;) you look great in your dress up pic!!!!!!

  3. Haha. That ball is at least twice as big as her. You look great, mama and I love that dress.