Thursday, April 26, 2012

Carsyn is 19 Months Old

I CANNOT believe my baby girl is 19 months old. I know everyone says things keep getting better, but this is such a fun age! There are new words, new phrases, new discoveries, new likes, new dislikes. I wish we could just freeze time a little to ENJOY.

Play- Your favorite thing to play with is probably crayons and paper. You like coloring books, but love a piece of paper. You can sit for 15 minutes and pretend you're writing. You also love books. Your favorites are Llama Llama and Goodnight Chicago. You come at momma with your little Chicago book screaming "Chicago."
You love to fill your shopping buggy up with random stuff and push it around. When you run into a wall you'll scream "stuck!" and stomp your feet. I've started asking if you're really stuck and you reply "I promise." You also really like your dolls. You say "Barbie" and "Baby" and "Naenae"..your favorites.

Talk- You talk all. day. long. You repeat every word we say so we're learning to be very careful! You are saying things like "Where's mommy at" "I got you bird," "Maggie (her big doggy sister) made mess!" "Thank you much," and your favorite is "I WANT__________" usually milk, minnie, paci,outside, and mommy. You shout "I did it" when you climb a step or do something you're proud of.

You've began to say Mad-dox instead of Max. You know Mommy, Daddy, Rosie, Pops, Granny Granny, Papaw, Nantie, Wobby, Mel, B, and Danny. You say and point to nose, ears, teeth, eyes, knees, and feet.

You are the pickiest, most frustrating eater ever. If it wasn't for yogurt I think you'd starve. Some days you like mac n cheese and some days you don't. You have a huge sweet tooth and have to have pancakes for breakfast!

You're still a good little sleeper. You now go to sleep anywhere from 8-9 and sleep til 8. A few mornings you've been getting up at 7. I think you were having teeth issues. Right now you have so many coming in...all 4 eye teeth and a few others. Thank goodness we got those molars through! When you get sleepy at night you will say "night night." You also sleep with your baby and ask for it when you are in your crib. The first thing you ask for in the morning is usually mommy, followed by cookie!

You weigh 21 1/2 lbs and are 31 1/2" tall. Pretty much all of your clothing is 18 months. You love outside. I mean clap your little hands and hop up and down when we even mention the word. You like to stomp mud puddles, ride in the wagon, hang out in your lawn chair and watch the creek. I know there is no way I'll keep you out of the creek this summer! You could walk for miles outside. Pops says he's going to buy you a pedometer.
Oh, did you want outtakes? Strike a pose..
I'll be good mommy....see?
I'm trying to tell a story here pig!


  1. Carsyn, you are so precious and full of personality! She's so sweet. Love her!

  2. sweet!!! Happy 19 months:) Mac n' cheese and yogurt are favorites in my house too!!! I love her outfit:)

  3. She is looking so grown up all of a sudden! Girlfriend finally has some teeth--get that child a steak!

  4. I love this post! She is definitely at the sweetest age. She is just beautiful and soooo funny! Love her to pieces!

  5. She is so cute! I love her little outfit and bow!

  6. I'm going to need our babies to stop growing up soo fast!!