Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh JCrew, you did it again

I'd say 80% of my wardrobe hails from JCrew. It fits my lifestyle and they sucker me in with their glossy catalog and personal shoppers. Oh, and superior quality and design too.

When I was pregnant with Carsyn I literally had about 5 JCrew sundresses that I lived in.

Thank goodness this spring I see a few growing belly friendly pieces also.

I love that they brought back the Amie dress. I had it last summer and its so versatile. I think you could wear this now with a denim jacket and sperrys.

The Villa dress also look like a wardrobe staple for me. The kelly green color is so vibrant!

I think I could live in this cute little tiered number!

I see this raglan dress with a leather jacket and boots for March and simple ballet flats for Spring.

JCrew features this little shell in their catalog with terry shorts and a cardigan-perfect for the beach!

I purchased a few maternity bathing suits with Carsyn and they were awful. They bunched in the water and never fit correctly. My favorite swim suit was my tankini from JCrew. I think its the perfect amount of coverage without making you feel like a cow. My pick this season is the rosette swing top.

So, do you love their Spring stuff as much as I do?


  1. I lovvvvvve that bathing suit!! And I will not be purchasing a maternity bathing suit - thanks for the advice!!

  2. I love their bathing suits, too - you just can't beat them! And I'll be popping right on over to their site to buy this one immediately - so cute! ;)

  3. I also LOVE me some JCrew! Not all of their pieces are cut for us tall girls (and for the love, why don't they carry tall sizes in store?! Argh!), but some of my favorite pieces are from there. I feel like their jersey dresses can be hit or miss nowadays, whereas a few years ago they were all made out of that thick, wonderful fabric I love so much. Their color combos are always so inspiring - can't wait to see your cute preggo fashions this time around.


  4. I wore a swimsuit when I was 8 months pregnant with the twins! Beat that! Talk about a cow!

  5. I love that swimsuit! It's as covering as a swimsuit's going to get, without being a muumuu, and it is so cute!

  6. OBBSESSSEEEDDD with everything JCrew right now. My closet is 80% JCrew too so I feel ya sister!

  7. PS Your header is seriously the cutest thing ever!!!