Monday, March 26, 2012

Just another weekend...

It was a pretty boring weekend here besides the fact Carsyn spent her first night away from momma Friday night. I expected it to be epic, but it wasn't. I got a spray tan (I turn into a versa addict this time of year) and watched the cats play Friday night. I had a brunch at 10 the next morning so I was rushed getting out the door. I think being occupied helped keep my mind off the fact she was gone, but the house was eerily quiet. I woke up at 4 (to pee of course) and could not go back to sleep because I kept wondering what she was doing.

Brunch OOTD

I think March is the hardest month to dress. Its been fairly warm recently, but not warm enough to go full on sundress. This is a JCrew favorite from last summer. I paired it with my featherweight cashmere cardi and choos. I guess it worked? And yes, the bump is in full effect :)

Getting a picture of an 18 month old with an iphone is impossible, right? I tried to get a pig picture but she would not let go of my keys. I tried to get a picture of her watching the cats and she wouldn't cooperate. Sigh.

I started the Beth Moore James Bible study at church. I'd like to say its rocking my world, but honestly I'm my worst critic. I need to do better. I do love the fact that its forcing me to read my Bible every day.

I also did a menu plan this week for the first a year? I used to cook at least 5 nights a week. Gourmet meals? No, but it was so much better than icky fast food. I'm attempting to cook 3-4 nights a week now with the hubby's help. If I don't do the grocery on Sunday that means I have to shop with baby girl. That's no fun y'all. She's fine unless the buggy gets too full and then she starts throwing stuff out. I know it sounds funny, but trust me, its not. Well, actually it is a little.

I also got a little obsessed with the April Southern Living strawberry spread.

I had the cats on my little tv in the kitchen and whipped up a few goodies. I love moments like this!

How was your weekend?


  1. Great dress! AND BUMP! Let me know how James ends up. I love Beth Moore, but don't have a group right now...trying to do something on my own is...pretty much impossible. I applaud you for doing SOMETHING!!

  2. you look so cute!! look at that little bump!!!!!!!!