Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Peek Inside

My bathroom cabinet..

A few of you have asked about what hair products I use. Seriously. I swear. Not only am I incredibly flattered as I want to chop off my hair on a daily basis, I am happy to oblige. I have been using Aveda products ever since my salon became an Aveda salon. I have thick wavy hair and am pretty satisfied with the products I use. As far as shampoos and conditioners I like color conserve, smooth infusion, and damage remedy. After towel drying my hair I apply be curly curl enhancer for days I want to be curlier and smooth infusion glossing detangler on other days. On straight days I dry my hair with the good old fashioned round brush and use a large barrel curling iron (11/2" I think) to create curls. I use the curl down method which I linked to here. I finish with smoothing fluid. If it's raining or humid outside I use be curly and let my hair air dry to about 80%. I flip my head over and finish drying with my blow dryer and then curl using a small barrel (about 3/4") curling iron. I usually go with a messier look and curl random sections and let my natural curl show in the rest. I finish with the brilliant anti-humectant pomade. * this is a heavy product and a little goes a long way. I have pretty coarse hair and use it sometimes when my hair is extra frizzy on straighter days also. I'm not big on hairspray but do use Fekkai sheer hold on some occasions. My hairdryer is a chi and my curling irons are hot tools. Is this tmi?? I'm sorry! I always love reading all your tips so I just wanted to do a good job on my own.

Changing the subject entirely Carsyn put her on flip flops today in honor of the first day of Spring!

Please forgive the bare toes...we just can't find time for a pedi! Springtime wears us out...


  1. Yay! Thanks for the tips, i have crazy thick wavy hair that gets frizzy. It takes me forever to blow dry. Got to buy some of those products.

  2. OMG! Love those little piggies! Those little flippies are too cute! My salon is an Aveda also so I use a lot of those same products -did your hair change after your pregnancy? I had similiar (course, natural curly) hair pre-pregnancy but it thinned out a lot and lost it's curl to over time...

  3. OH EMM GEE...... those flip flops are adorbs.. wherever did you get them

  4. I love those flip flops! So adorable. Hope you are enjoying the Spring weather.

  5. Jen, she is too the flip flops!

  6. OH JEN!

    Those little tootsies in the flip flops melted my mama heart! Adorable! She is just precious!

    Thank you for the detailed hair post! I have never tried Aveda products, but there is an Aveda close to my house so I am going to pick some up after work today!