Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Confession Time... Again

Just some things on my mind...

* I am beyond pissed that my dvr randomly recorded the weather channel instead of The Bachelor last night

* My child has decided she wants to sleep with me only, great for nap time, not so great for bedtime

* Speaking of bed time I feel slightly guilty that I look forward to Carsyn sleeping.. Some nights I turn off all noise and stare at the walls thanking God for silence

* I sing She's Got a Ticket To Ride to Carsyn when I put her in the car seat.. It makes her so happy

* I'm still looking for the perfect Easter dress for Carsyn

* I am sleep deprived because of Suzanne Collins and her wickedly addictive Hunger Games series

* I am currently missing the cats play because Charlie Sheen is a complete, utter train wreck that I can't take my eyes off of

* Getting in shape is hard!! I really want to lose a few pounds, but evidently not as much as I wanted those 5 slices of pizza I just devoured

* I miss my sister and wish she lived closer :(

* I am however, extremely grateful for wonderful parents I see almost daily and wonderful in laws that I also see quite frequently

* I have convinced myself I am going to win the HGTV dream home this year (unfortunately I do this every year and end up repeatedly disappointed)

Confessions, anyone??


  1. can you catch the episode of the bach that you missed on hulu?

  2. i had the same prob with my DVR!! i just watched the episode online.

  3. Jen, 1st off...the dream house is mine this year!...LOL. I have wanted to live in Vermont for the last 20 years...and no one will take me!
    (It is wonderful there from April to October, but one needs to just vacay in the cold months for skiing and snowboarding.)

    Same here with Charlie Sheen. :o(

    Your workout comment had my truly laughing out loud!

    ...and are you crazy for looking for that baby an Easter Dress?...you know her "rosie" will find her the cutest one on earth!...LOL. (I always loved how your mother dressed you and your sister in elem school...Lad 'n Lassie all the way...LOL)

  4. Sooo many confessions. I cannot go a day without eating copious amounts of chocolate. I'm woefully behind on hours for my Jr League placement. I skipped church today so I could sleep in. I chew too much gum. And I'm too impatient with God. This list goes on. Love your cute blog- I remember when ABD did your header when you were preggo!

  5. I'm looking for an Easter dress too for Ella! Well, actually I've found one but it's more than I wanted to spend. Isn't that always the case?! I'm trying to shed some pounds too. This warm weather has me itching to drop some winter weight. I feel gross! I haven't checked out the HGTV home......I will have to see it! HAve a great week!