Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green for St Patty's Day!

I knew a few weeks back upon my sister's suggestion we would start Carsyn on solid foods for St Patty's Day and what better food than peas, right??

Since I'm planning on mastering easies like apples and pears with the Beaba before trying it out I ventured to the grocery to buy some Gerber.....

The little miss was all decked out in her festive attire and I had convinced myself it was going to be a pleasant experience. Wrong


After that experience I decided I wanted a pic of her where she was actually smiling on St Patty's Day and that didn't happen either..

She squirmed out of her gilder

Almost headed out of her bumbo

Was a little happier rolling around on the floor

and not even satisfied in mommy's arms..

(forgive the non-festive mommy..the cats played today and I had to wear my blue!)

hope everyone's St Patty's Day was better than Carsyn's!!


  1. OH GIRL!!! She is so sweet! Her headband and outfit are just too much! SO much absolute adorableness in one post!

    Your hair is so pretty, would you mind sharing what products you use?

  2. That baby is too much and put her in a green tut, I die!!! So sweet. Brynn hated peas at first too!! After time she got over it and loved them. I love your hair. I really need to start curling my hair.

  3. I just found your blog and absolutely love it!! Your daughter is just so adorable... is it bad that I secretly wish I could sleep in that gorgeous room of hers!? haha!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. That baby is just precious!!! Thanks for checking out my blog and for your comment-that was me in the black dress-thank you so much for bringing a smile to my face!!! Hope our Cats can pull it off again tomorrow!!!

  5. adorbs! I love her... we have not done peas yet.. we just started raspberries, and carrots over the past week