Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8 Questions

A favorite blogger and new mommy extraordinaire Ashley (I Love You More Than Carrots) tagged me to answer some questions about myself. So here goes...

1. I have a few words that I simply cannot stand. The sound of them, the way they fill my mouth. Just the thought makes me cringe. What are your least favorite words?

Any slang word for the female or male genitalia..(I don't even like that word)..Maybe that's too crude to even bring up..sorry

2. A self-declared major bookworm, I can't get enough of good fiction. What's your all-time most favorite read?

Gone With the Wind..doesn't every girl fantasize a little about being at Tara or Rhett Butler coming to her rescue?

3. What's your favorite meal of the day? Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

All of them..I'm Pregnant :) Probably breakfast..but late at night..nothing beats midnight pancakes or omelets!

4. Do you put your socks on before or after you slip your pants on?

Ha! After

5. If you could cast yourself on any of TV's recent reality shows, which would it be? (Jerseylicious, Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, Chopped, The Next Food Network Star) Think broad spectrum here, ladies!

I know my sil is going to be disappointed I'm not saying Jersey Shore but I'm going with Real Housewives KY version....maybe we could get rid of a few stereotypes, but its probably likely I fit into them ;)

6. What's your favorite attribute?

Oh I'd much rather list my faults..hmmmm.... my eternal optimism

7. We all have a favorite Disney movie. What's yours?

Confession: I just googled Disney movies...I'm not really a Cinderella, Snow White, kind of girl and was pleasantly surprised to find The Santa Claus on the list..oh yeah Tim the Toolman..love him..I'm a sucker for any Christmas movie!! I have to add the hubby's favorite is a Muppet Christmas Carol..the only movie he's ever cried watching...repeatedly

8. And last but not least, you win a goldfish at the local country fair. What do you name him or her?

Well everyone in this house seems to be named after the King so probably keeping the theme we'd name it Lisa Marie..or maybe 'Cilla

So considering I'm entering my last few weeks to use the pregnancy card I'm using it now to pass on coming up with 8 questions...I think it took my poor blonde brain an hour to answer these! So ladies I thought Ashley did a wonderful job of coming up with questions so I pass her questions along to you..

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  1. I absolutly love Christmas movies and gone with the wind is one of my all time favorites too :-)

  2. you crack me up.. i think i laughed out loud reading the answer to EVERY question. Thanks, Tim the Toolman Taylor! Argh Argh Argh Argh! (yeah, that was my pathetic attempt at his impression, I know, I know....) :)

  3. Haha, I love the way you answered the question about your attributes! Wow, you're due so soon! How exciting!! Thanks for tagging me, what a fun post. :)


  4. Cute blog! And fun learning about you! I am definitely with you on #1, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day... and I love Real Housewives!

  5. 1. taking the Lord's name in vain
    2. redeeming love
    3. dinner b/c PK usually cooks and i love his cooking!
    4. after
    5. hmmm....amazing race with PK.
    6. compassionate
    7. 101 dalmations
    8. pickles

  6. Had to laugh at your "potential" fish's name. What's the Elvis thing?