Thursday, August 5, 2010

To Beat the Heat

I don't know what part of the country you live in, but here in KY it has been HOT!! Combine near 100 degree days with a pregnant lady and the result is not good. So far I can think of few things providing comfort-

1. Swimming pool = bliss

2. Cold desserts (which = the reason you don't see my pregnant self in above picture)

This is my attempt at the Southern Living Lemonade pie featured in the August issue..YUMMY!!! I still prefer Key Lime, but this is a close second.

3. Speedway Coke Freeze (boo for the fact my Sonic closed last year)

Hope everyone is enjoying this nice, hot summer!


  1. It has been soo hot here in texas too! I never go outside unless it's after 7pm because I would just die. But cold drinks and deserts to make summers easier to handle :-)

  2. hey there! i'm also a KY gurl :)following you from FF :) Hope you have a great weekend!
    Dawn :)