Monday, August 23, 2010

Can I rant?

First, let me just say I LOVE my Dr...this is the reason I made the decision to have my baby in a hospital nearly 100 miles from my home. I've been going to her for 12 years and she delivered my adorable nephew. I trust her completely. Now, having that said I am uber frustrated...I have been counting down to my 36 week appt next Monday...only to find out today no ultrasound....WHY?? I am almost ready to deliver!!! I need to know if my baby girl is head down, how much she weighs...I just want to see her...its been 16 weeks!!! Am I looking at a c-section for any reason? My doc assures me everything is fine...I just feel neglected. Is that being childish? I did not even get a measurement until my last appt at 34 weeks..they quit asking for a urine sample at 24 weeks!! I feel so out of the norm. I know, I'm crazy and it seems like I'm just looking for something to complain about. Maybe its the Monday blues....

On a happier note the family baby shower was this Saturday and I had so much fun! I'm hoping to get pics together and post soon...Thanks to all of those who came :)


  1. That does seem odd, and I don't think you are crazy at.ALL! Praying for you and baby girl....

  2. don't you hate having a completely "normal" and "uncomplicated" pregnancy. apparently, it's out of the norm to have a routine growth scan performed in the last tri. i seriously could've smacked my doctor when he said this without batting an eye- you know, right after he reassured me i would be having an "averaged sized, 7-8 pound baby!"

    hey there 9lb 10oz bundle of love! haha- not to make you even more frustrated- or worried that youre going to give birth to an 11lb toddler..

    i just wanted you to know i completely shared your frustration! Grrrrr!!!

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comments. congrats on your pregnancy! oh, that's crazy about the proscuitto!