Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday


I figured I would do a post on Thoughtless Thursday, but really I'm not so sure its thoughtless as much as something I tend to think about all of the time.

This is a picture of my big sis, myself, and cousin on vacation..As you can tell I was not at all camera shy!

Thinking back to my childhood always makes me wonder...What will my baby girl be like?? Will she have my demeanor or my husband's? I am told when I was little I was not shy at all, always a comedian, and very self confident. As I get older I find myself losing my this something we all go through or just my personality altering as I go through life?


  1. This picture is adorable! I think we all go in phases where we're more shy and then more secure. It must be so exciting to think about what your daughter will be like!


  2. you are TOO cute! what a sweet post! i'm sure your baby girl will be every bit as darling as her momma!!!

    loved this post, thanks for playing momma!!!

  3. you were such a diva! I also often wonder if my little girl will be the social talkative butterfly that I am, or more reserved like her daddy. The anticipation is killing me!