Thursday, May 6, 2010


We have been enjoying beautiful weather in Kentucky lately and today was no exception. I do not think I counted a single cloud in the sky. Unfortunately it was a crazy hectic day for me and the weather did little to offset my mood. I went for a run at the lake tonight and regained my sanity. It really is lovely there and never fails to make me feel glad to live in the country.

Some still nag me for running but as I told my doc you took away my coffee, red wine, and sushi, please don't take my running! While its true my "running" has turned into a slow jog and that will likely turn into a waddle, I am still enjoying it.

I am looking forward to a beautiful Mother's Day weekend and getting to spend some time with my family.

20 more weeks to go and 4 more days til we find out whether we have a little boy or girl!! :)

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