Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Things

Don't you just love coming home to something on your doorstep you totally forgot you ordered?!? My goodies from Ashley Brooke Designs arrived today and everything is so cute! I cannot wait to see the design she comes up with after my little one arrives.

Also, sadly I think I might have purchased my last dress before the dreaded maternity clothes are needed..I am hoping this dress will last me another month or two. Thanks goodness for J Crew!! Lots of their dresses and tops are loose fitting and I have been living in their sundresses on sunny days. Hopefully the rain will go away and I'll have a chance to wear this one. Anyone who knows where I can get cute maternity clothes please let me know!!

I have to give props to Miley Cyrus! (I hope I get this story right). Miley funds a program at a local school called Blessings in a Backpack which provides food for students to take home on weekends. Today she showed up at the school to bag the lunches herself! I'm sure the kids were so happy to see her.

I know I'm probably the only one who watches Real Housewives New York, but the last episodes of the ladies on vacation has got me super envious! The place they stayed was so beautiful I can't believe they couldn't find a way to get along.

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  1. Your items from Ashley Brooke Designs are adorable! And I secretly watch the Housewives, too. (Shhh!) I agree - the place they stayed looked like heaven!