Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our Fourth

We had a pretty low key holiday weekend just hanging out at home.  Shane came home one day and told the kids he saw someone building an ark on our street and they didn't think it was too funny.

It was a rainy weekend but the babes really didn't seem to mind.

We went and saw Inside Out Friday night.  I wore this and tried to snap a pic as Hank photo bombed.

They loved the movie.  It was animated enough to entertain Hank and Carsyn really picked up on a lot of the story.

We took a pic next to the sign and Carsyn tried to imitate her favorite character, Disgust.

Our neighborhood takes the Fourth pretty seriously and does a parade and then a pool party with inflatables.

The kids lined up in the front yard to watch the parade and then we went swimming for a while afterward.

My sister and her family came over that evening to grill out and shoot fireworks. 

Carsyn and Hank were so excited!

Sweet cousins love each other so much.

The big boys played baseball on the golf course and Hank and Maddox sat by the fence and watched them awhile.  

Hope y'all had a great Independence Day weekend.

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