Wednesday, June 24, 2015

About Dads

Growing up I often heard the tale that girls end up marrying someone like their father.

I laugh at the truth in that statement from time to time.

Both my dad and my husband have the strongest work ethic of anyone I know.  They are both extremely driven individuals and the 2 smartest men I know.  I still blame my dad working 12 hour days for the reason I sit up late at night.

Summers were awesome because often it was light enough outside when he got home to shoot a few hoops or swim in the pool.  He always got me with his double or nothing game.  Basically he would start shooting 3 pointers by saying $5 bucks if I miss this.  He would miss 10 in a row and I'd be calculating how many NKOTB posters I could buy before he killed my dream with a simple swoosh of the net.  Now I realize he knew what he was doing the whole time and missing on purpose.

If it was a swim night sometimes he would swim with me and others he would challenge me to see how fast I could swim laps.

And, as I've probably said before, if we were indoors lots of night Rosie would fix us bacon, eggs, and toast and we'd catch up on Bond movies.  Sorry Pops, Roger Moore will always be my favorite.  But we can both agree we like our eggs sunny side up.

Just like my favorite moment of the day was when Pops rolled in the driveway my kid's favorite moment is when their dad walks through the door.  The minute they hear the door open its "Daddy's home!", "Daddy's home!" Usually there's a quick game of tag followed by hugs and kisses.

I love watching that part of the day.  Some days he beats us home, some days he surprises us and meets us at the pool, but no matter where, their little expressions when they see him never get old.

Especially when they are surprised at ballet performances ;)

And  I might have forgotten to mention who they prefer post bath snuggles from.

So, happy Father's Day Daddy and Pops.  Carsyn, Hank, and I are blessed beyond measure to have you.

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