Friday, July 24, 2015

What's Going On

Hope y'all are having a wonderful summer! We've been busy and not so busy which is the norm, I guess.  Of course we've been having lots and lots of pool days..

The unspoken rule at the pool is you can play with toys in the lost and found bin as long as you replace them.  Carsyn found these sunglasses and immediately declared them hers.  When I told her she had to put them back she said "Mom, you say all the other kids can play with our toys until we ask for them back so why don't I wear these until someone asks for them back?"  She's still wearing them.

Pool days at Camp Rosie are super fun too..

Speaking of Camp Rosie..last time I was there they put me to breaking up beans and let me tell you…momma don't like breaking up beans.  Shane loves beans so in the words of my friend, Amber I #wifedup and fixed him beans and cornbread for supper one night.  Wish I could take credit for the chicken but he's pretty much the grill master.

We celebrated Hank's birthday last weekend by visiting Chuck E Cheese and going to see the new minion movie.

We ate dinner at Coba Cocina and then sunk 20 dollars in the crap toy machine at the movie trying to win the kids minion toys.

Carsyn said I know its Hank's birthday but don't you want a pic of me by myself?


We went to Whitney's baby shower and I got to spend time with these pretties.

And Carsyn and I got to twin with Aunt Mel and Emersyn from afar..

Do you know they've been at the beach for two weeks?!? Insert all the crying emojis!!

At least I get pics like these to cheer me up..

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  1. Great pics and update! The first pic of Carsyn by herself in the swimsuit and flower - gorgeous! Seriously! Gorgeous!