Thursday, July 16, 2015

This and That

Is Summer supposed to be crazy busy?? Because I thought it was time to sit back and relax and instead I feel like there's always so many things to do.

We try to visit the outdoor theatre close to my hometown every summer.

This year they did an performance of Shrek and the kids loved it.  Heck, we all loved it.

Aren't they the sweetest?

Speaking of my hometown…We also ventured to EKY one weekend for my cousin, Kyle's wedding.

I might have taken more pics of the kids than the actual bride and groom.

In case you don't know this is my gorgeous sister, my sweet aunt (mother of the groom), fabulous Rosie, my beautiful cousin, and myself.  It was such a fun and beautiful wedding.  I have never seen my cousin. Kyle happier.  We were all thinking of my beloved grandmother and how happy she would have been on this day.

Otherwise we've been hanging out the pool when its not raining (i.e. every single day) and doing a little shopping with Rosie.

On a good note rainy days mean we pretty much have the pool to ourselves and I can catch up on a little reading.

And how cute are my little summer sidekicks?

Here are two of my favorite summer dresses that will be on repeat..

And here are two of my partners in crime at our favorite shopping destination.

Have y'all checked out the newest Lilly stuff?  I LOVE it all and am happy to say I think their sizing is back on point!

Happy Thursday friends!! We are off to the pool! (If it doesn't rain)

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  1. Oh my I love their cute little wedding outfits how adorable... Heck I even loved all the dresses you & your family wore too dang cute! It sounds like you all have had a great time :)