Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A stroll down memory lane and weekend fun

Our weekend started a little early so I could take the kids to Lexington and watch my old high school boys basketball team play in the state tournament. Where do I begin?

First, basketball is king in KY- like the biggest deal ever.  I actually think after graduating high school I attended one game...maybe two. Not sure. But, while in high school? Those games were the social highlight of your life.   It just seems you go away to college and those things are forgotten.  I don't know how things work everywhere, but around here you play in a regional tournament and the winner of the region gets a chance to play for the state title in Lexington at Rupp Arena. That's where our beloved University of Kentucky wildcats play and that's pretty cool, right?

While I was watching the kids play I chatted with my BIL and sister about how things had changed.  When he and my sister attended our high school it had about 1000 students. Last I heard the enrollment was less than 500. When I was there it was around 750 (I think). Crazy. I wonder if there are any teachers still there that I had.. I wonder if there's still a smoke shack out back for the "cool" smoking kids...I wonder if kids still makeout under the stairwells... I wonder if you still have to dissect a frog for biology class... I wonder if they still serve pizza for lunch on Fridays...

And in case you were wondering what I was like in high school, here's my senior portrait I found on display at mom and dads (hey Rosie- you now have 3 outrageously cute grandchildren. There's no need for high school pics of me and big sis to grace or walls and built ins..except for that one with Mel and her big hair..cause we all know 80s hair was awesome...)  Now y'all see why I wear my hair long- do I not look old in this picture?

I was a completely normal (I think) teenager.  Except for the fact I passed out on occasion. I still tell people I nearly failed biology because I refused to get anywhere near the frog corpse, let along poke and prod at its little organs.  I made great grades, played mediocre tennis, and had lots of friends..Not a jock, or a nerd, or miss popularity though.

Anyway, Rosie was able to go with me Thursday night and we had a lot of fun.

Our school mascot was a patriot so I dressed myself and the kids in the closest thing I could find red, white, and blue.

(Side note- get to your nearest JCrew and buy yourself the Tilda top-here's a closeup-you'll be glad you did)

Here we are at the game...the Patriots won this one, but lost the next night.

Of course the big kids wanted ice cream.

I have to say all of the kids were so great at the game.  I think my kids are going to be little social butterflies.  Its really hard to take a baby to an event like this though..My arms were jello after an hour of bouncing.

We engaged in a little retail therapy while in town and I picked up our mother's day dresses.  Told you I was obsessed with the chin chin print!

And.....I picked up the Lilly bonus at the Estee Lauder counter at Macy's.

The weather Saturday and Sunday was so warm and sunny.  I hit the trails both days while the kids napped and my hips are still paying for it!  I have a few of these little hills to thank for that.

Gosh, I LOVE running outside though.  Put me on a treadmill and I feel like I'm dying after 4 miles, but outside I still have steam left.  Carsyn definitely loves outside like her mommy and daddy.We had some playground time Sunday night.  We can't wait until Summer!


  1. Don't forget you were also voted Best Dressed! :)

  2. I definitely had the same hair style in high school! I also love that top and the dresses! I kind of want to get them all!