Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A day in the life

I do not recall if I've ever written a day in the life post.  I feel like lots of my days are mundane, but I know I'll like looking back and seeing what we were up to one day.  I figured I'd do Saturday since we've been making lots of trips to Lexington lately.  I hope to do a weekday at home soon too-stay tuned-its exciting!

Wake up at 6:30.Woof.  We are late sleepers in this house and 6:30 is completely out of the ordinary.  I do chug coffee out of this cute mug every day though.  Go get yourself one here or you'll regret it.

Rosie shows up at the house and we head to Lexington. We arrive in Lexington around 10:00 to watch my nephew, Maddox play basketball.  Hank takes everything in and Carsyn can't decide if she wants to cheer, be on the bench or on the floor.

(ps- that dude talking to Maddox is my BIL-pretty much one of the greatest dads and guys I know.  I think he's been coaching for like 10 years!)

Being on the road means a lot of car nursing..I know I"m going to miss this someday!

We always have lunch at Panera per Carsyn's request.  Its her favorite place on the planet!

We head to the mall to shop and ride the kids around in the stroller in hopes of simultaneous naps.  Hank is now riding sitting up and it breaks my momma heart a little to see how big he's getting.

Carsyn was completely tuckered out and Hank slept maybe 30 minutes-I think he was too excited over finally getting some shoes that fit his chunky foot!  I went into JCrew and did a little shopping.  I seriously wanted everything in there-such cute stuff right now!

Usually we try to have dinner, but I was visiting W's mom and dad that night and wanted to get back to town early.  We loaded everyone up on Starbucks for the ride home-Vanilla Spice for me, White chocolate mocha for Rosie and Strawberry Frapp for Carsyn.

We arrived at my inlaws and Carsyn was so excited to see everyone! My BIL & SIL were there too and we all set up late listening to Carsyn sing and tell stories.

Carsyn came upstairs with me and Hank while I fed him.  Usually that's our snuggle time every night and I let them both roll around on the bed.  I put Hank down, but Carsyn wanted to go back to play more.

At 12:30 Carsyn asked to go to bed so I put her in bed with me and watched House of Cards when she fell asleep.  I honestly wasn't in love with the show until episode 3 or 4, but its SO good.  Are y'all watching?

I had to sneak in this photo of Carsyn's up-do on Sunday.  My MIL is so good at fixing her hair and this braid was too cute.  Carsyn carried that mirror around awhile admiring it-momma needs to work on her braiding skills.


  1. One of the moments that sticks strongest in my memory is when my little daughter Grace started having an opinion on footwear ... at the age of two and a bit. Heaven help us when she grasps the concept of hairstyling!

  2. I can't believe how big Hank has gotten. Carsyn looks like the best big sister ever.

  3. C looks so cute by the sidelines! How great that your families are so close!

  4. When did Hank get to be such a big boy! Time needs to slow down! Looks like a fun, busy day!

  5. Hey! It's Nbeverly from IG! First time hoping on over to your blog! I am terrible about keeping up with blogs, but will try! ;) Sounds like y'all are busy and doing well! xo

  6. House of Cards is great! We are about 4 episodes away from finishing it. And I too am embarassed that I suck at hair skills for my daughter!! She rips it down anyway after I work hard on it so I'm not sure why I even bother!??!